Village on a Diet has come to an end, but on Wednesday’s Issues and Answers, I will air an interview with four Taylor residents about their experiences they had throughout the 10-week show.

Filmed last summer, the show has been airing on CBC for the past two months and a half months, along with a follow-up episode this past Monday, seeing if Taylorites have been able to keep the weight off throughout the winter.

Although the responses varied, overall, Taylor does appear healthier.

I was able to sit down with Steve and Jonathan Arsenault, Glen Cross and Brent Taillefer to talk about what the show meant for each of them and just how they have been keeping the weight off and reaching their goals.

Jonathan Arsenault was able to reach one of his primary goals and return to school, but he says one of the biggest changes he has made to improve his life was cutting out the snacking.

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So, what was filming the show like? As Brent Taillefer puts it, Taylorites were not trained TV personalities and having TV cameras in his house was something he and his wife Sheena had to get used to.

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Tune in on Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. to listen to the full interview with the four ‘villagers’ from Village on a Diet.