The Charlie Lake Fire Department will be facing a new form of management after the Peace River Regional District announced it will no longer contract out the fire service.

The District has resolved that it will no longer contract out the fire services to the Charlie Lake/Grandhaven Fire Protection Society.

It has given notice to the Society that it will not continue the service past March 31, 2012.

In a release, the District states that it still has to determine what the best course of action is to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of fire protection in the area.

The request to have the District take over the Fire Department was made by the Society’s President Doug Allen at a Feb. 24 meeting when he and the Charlie Lake Fire Chief Al Pinkerton presented the Department’s 2011 budget.

Charlie Lake residents had also expressed a similar desire at a public meeting held on Feb. 3.

The District says it will now work with the Society to transition to a new fire protection model.

The full release by the District can be viewed below.