Photo:  Officials from the North Peace Airport Society, Air Canada Jazz and Lori Slater pose for a photo with the new ramp – Adam Reaburn/


Air Canada has recently added a new, beneficial piece of technology to the Fort St. John airport.

The airline has recently added a brand new access ramp, making entering and exiting airplanes a much more convenient process for individuals with mobility problems, as well as the general public.

The campaign for the new ramp began when Lori Slater, chair of the Disability Advisory Committee, experienced a malfunction with the airlines Mobi-lift. Slater had to be carried on to the plane, which prompted her to write a letter expressing her displeasure.

Her letter set a chain of events in motion, which eventually led to the installation of a brand new Air Canada access ramp at the local airport.

According to Slater, Fort St. John’s Mayor Bruce Lantz was a major contributor in the installation of the new ramp. Lantz took matters into his own hands, speaking directly to the airline’s top executives about the problem.

Slater says these ramps are not only beneficial for disabled individuals, but will make accessing airplanes a much easier experience for everyone.