UPDATE – Vandals attack Dawson Christmas tree

Photo:  The tree is still standing after vandals tried to bring it down Saturday – Michelle Girard



Vandals tried to bring down the Mile Zero Christmas tree Saturday.


According to Dawson Creek Mayor Mike Bernier, the RCMP in Dawson Creek caught two vandals trying to knock down the City’s Christmas tree located at the Mile Zero marker.

A driver from AC Taxi reported seeing two males associated with a blue pickup truck approach and cut into the tree with a chainsaw.

Upon police arrival, both suspects were arrested following a brief foot chase.

The Dawson Creek Petroleum Association then stepped in to make sure the tree wasn’t damaged and that it was still safe to keep in its current location.

Zachary Malcolm of Edmonton and Jarod Simpson of Dawson Creek have been charged with committing mischief to property of a value of over $5,000. Both were released from RCMP custody following a bail hearing and are awaiting trial.

The driver of the blue pickup truck was found to have a blood alcohol level above the legal limit and has been given a 90 day driving prohibition and the vehicle has been impounded for 30 days.

Each year the community Dawson Creek replaces the Mile Zero marker with a Christmas tree that is lit up for the holiday season.


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