Video:  A demonstration showing how flammable a dry Christmas tree can be as opposed to a tree watered regularly.


The holidays are a time of love and laughter, but they also require some extra responsibility.

During this time of the year, homes are more susceptible to fires due to a variety of factors involved with the holidays.

Fort St. John Fire Prevention Officer Capt. Gregg Nicoll says there are several tips people can follow to avoid fires from starting, so that families can enjoy their holidays to the fullest.

One issue that Nicoll stressed is the importance of a properly watered tree. If a tree is not given enough water, it will dry out. As a result, if a fire is to occur, such trees will ignite and begin smoking extremely quickly, resulting in a very dangerous scenario.

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Another important factor to consider is the importance of smoke alarms. Alarms should be installed on all floors of a home and batteries should be checked regularly.

Families should also make sure to have a fire safety plan in place. Having a plan is important but practicing the plan is crucial in order to avoid panic in the case of an emergency.

Capt. Nicoll stressed that most fires during this time of the year begin in the kitchen due to the large amount of cooking that takes place during the holidays. Parents should attempt to keep children away from the kitchen during busy times. If children want to participate in the cooking, constant supervision is necessary.

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Other hazards to be aware of over the holidays include damaged Christmas lights, over use of power bars and burning wrapping paper in the fire place. With proper inspection and supervision, fires can be avoided.

The holidays are a wonderful time to share with friends and family. The last place anyone wants to spend this time is in the hospital. With proper care and a keen attention to detail, everyone can enjoy the holiday spirit.