Photo: Debris from a Wednesday afternoon collsion between a Greyhound bus and a gravel hauler can be seen littering the Alaska Highway./ Submitted by Jeff Giersch


The Alaska Highway is once again open after a collision between a Greyhound bus and a tractor trailer.

The collision occurred at KM 381 of the Alaska Highway around 2 p.m. PT, Wednesday.

The gravel hauler tractor trailer was travelling northbound along the highway when it slowed down because a vehicle in front of it had lost control and spun into the ditch, says Staff Sergeant Tom Roy with the Fort Nelson RCMP. Roy then says the Greyhound bus – which was travelling in the same direction – was unable to stop and slammed into the tractor trailer.

He says the bus driver was pinned in the bus and was helped by a member of the Fort Nelson Fire Rescue that was passing the scene. The bus driver was eventually cut out of the bus by Fort Nelson firefighters and transported to the hospital in the town with minor injuries. He has since been released.

Police say there were seven passengers on the bus and a few suffered minor injuries, but no one has been kept in the hospital.

Several of the passengers were even given rides into the town by people passing by in their vehicles.

He says there was extreme weather occurring in the area at the time of the collision and the roads were covered with compact ice and snow. He adds that it was particularly bad between the Sikanni Chief Bridge – at KM 256 – and Fort Nelson.

Police say they began receiving reports of several collisions between vehicles and of vehicles sliding into the ditch, around 1 p.m. local time. Then, one hour later, they received the report of the collision between the Greyhound bus and the tractor trailer.

The highway was closed until 9:30 a.m. MT Thursday morning due to weather conditions and because the accident was blocking much of the road.

Representatives from Greyhound say the bus driver has been with the company for more than three years and has had a clean driving record throughout that time.