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The Fort St. John fire department is dedicating a whole month to preventing you from getting burned.

All October, fire crews will be out in full force to educate the public on fire and burn prevention.

Captain Greg Nicoll says while most of the demonstrations are based on common sense, the tips they give out still need to be reiterated.

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Events begin on Friday, October 2nd, when Moose FM will be broadcasting from the Fire Hall. Then, on Saturday, a parade will leave from the Fire Hall at 11:00 a.m. It will go north on 96 Street, then head south on 100 street to Canadian Tire.

Firefighters will then fire up the barbeque, where the community can participate in a meet and greet. The Hot Drills are sure to be a hit, with firefighters demonstrating what a fire is capable of in the Canadian Tire Parking Lot. There will also be plenty of time to ask questions about fire safety and prevention.

Captain Nicoll also encourages families to use the event as a reminder to check the batteries in their smoke detectors.

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He says families should be putting smoke detectors in every child’s room.

A highlight of Fire Prevention Month is the family fire drill on October 7 at 6:30 p.m. Captain Nicoll says when families hear the fire trucks coming, they should exit their homes and practice their Fire Safety Plan.

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