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Local RCMP detachments are reporting an alarming number of impaired drivers on the roads this month.

Peace Region RCMP Traffic Services, along with officers from the Dawson Creek and Prince George detachment, cracked down on seatbelt compliance and drunk driving this weekend.

The enforcement was conducted along the Alaska Highway and rural roadways in Fort St. John.

From September 24th to the 26th, officers apprehended 24 impaired drivers, and also issued twenty-one 24-hour driving suspensions, 64 seatbelt violations, 72 speeding violations, and 102 other traffic violations.

Officers also charged one male with possession of a controlled substance, three prohibited drivers were apprehended, one criminal code warrant was executed, and two other criminal code offences were issued.

This brings September’s figure for impaired drivers apprehended up to 80.

Mounties say each of the four local collision fatalities this year have involved either aggressive driving, seatbelt non-compliance, or impaired driving.

Local officers also warn of the dangerous road conditions in the winter months that lie ahead. Police will be watching for seatbelt compliance, and speeding, but will be making it a priority to remove impaired drivers from the roads.

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