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The Fort St. John Literacy Society will benefit after the Province announced it will invest $2.5 million to boost adult literacy skills.

The investment will help create free tutoring programs across the Province.

This year, 67 programs are being funded through the Province’s Community Adult Literacy Program delivered through partnerships between community groups and B.C.’s public post-secondary institutions.

CALP programs receive up to $40,000 each to provide instruction and support to adult learners in everything from basic literacy to high school completion.

Most offer one-on-one tutoring by trained volunteers, small group classes and other types of learning tailored to adults, including people living in rural and remote communities, Aboriginal people, young parents and people living in poverty.

The investment to the Community Adult Literacy Program is expected to benefit close to 7,000 British Columbians.

Other groups that will receive funding are the Dawson Creek Literacy Society, Chetwynd’s Tansi Friend Centre and Public Library, and the Fort Nelson Community Literacy Society.

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