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Shortly after Fort St. John proclaimed itself to be the Music Capital of Northern B.C., Mayor Bruce Lantz has arranged designated areas downtown for artists and musicians to get creative.

The City of Fort St. John, along with Northern Groove, has released a map of suitable areas in the city for artists and musicians to perform without a permit.

Northern Groove’s Russell Eggleston says the concept may be new, but people have been showing interest.

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In July, Mayor Lantz gave his Notice of Motion to have Fort St. John declared the ‘Musical Capital of Northern BC’.  Shortly after, councilors unanimously voted ‘yes’ to the declaration. Eggleston says the announcement is a step in the right direction.

He says the designated areas will attract attention to the local arts scene.

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Some of the locations include high-traffic areas like in front of Cosmic Grounds, and more low-key spots in Centennial Park.

There are few rules to follow, like keeping the art and music family-friendly. Also, buskers are allowed to have a donation box on site, but cannot sell their products on-the-spot. However, orders can be arranged on site.

Northern Groove also announced that on Friday, August 28th, Egan’s Pub will host a party to celebrate the recent announcement of Fort St. John as the Music Capital of Northern BC.

For more information on the event, visit

To view the Music and Arts Downtown map, Click on the attachment below.

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