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A Prince Edward Island man is offering to split the EnCana reward money with the bomber.

James Halstrum is placing ads in newspapers around Northern British Columbia giving the bomber until August 31st to receive his offer. The ads say he will split the $1-million reward only if he or she let’s Halstrum bring him or her into the police.

The ad goes on to say the money will be deposited into an offshore bank account and he or she will get $500,000 plus interest after being freed from prison.

According to Halstrum the RCMP have told him it is illegal in Canada for a bomber to benefit from his crimes, but he says it would be up to the bomber’s lawyer to work out the details.

Since October of 2008 there have been six attacks on EnCana facilities around Dawson Creek and Tomslake. The bomber has stated he will stop his attacks only if EnCana announces they will leave the South Peace. The bomber gave EnCana until October to make the announcement or else the attacks will get worse. 

Below is a copy of the ad from the Friday August 7th Edition of the Chetwyd Coffee Talk Express

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