This holiday season, all of our Supporters are entered to win an $800 Shopping Spree Giveaway!

A couple of people take part in the Adult Metal Detecting event at Peace Island Park.                                                                                                      Picture: Amber Davy

Taylor Mayor Fred Jarvis (right) and Andy Ackerman (left) face off against each other in the Celebrity Event.                                                                                                       Picture: Amber Davy

World famous gold panner “Yukon” Dan competes in the Class “A” Gold Panning Championships.

                                                                                                                  Picture: Amber Davy

Fred Jarvis presents Melanie Robinson the trophy for placing 1st in the Media Event.

                                                                                                              Picture: Amber Davy

All of the competetors from the Class “A” Championships gather for a group shot. Scott Rea (front middle) recieved first place. Fred Jarvis recieves second place and Stephane Titley (right of Scott Rea) gets third.                                                                                            Picture: Amber Davy

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This holiday season, we want to give back to the people who have supported us this year!

We have partnered with local businesses to create an $800 Shopping Spree Giveaway! One of our Supporters will win the giveaway on December 2 and anyone who becomes one by December 1 will be entered to win as well.

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