Rainfall below normal in June

Environment Canada says we received 14 millimeters of rain on Tuesday, unofficially putting the June total at 41.2.

That’s about 30 less than average for the month…but it is significantly more than what was expected just two weeks ago. We received all but a trace of the June total in the last half of the month and 80 percent of it, in the last week.

The-year-to-date total through June was 180 millimeters, which is only about 20 less than the norm…and was slightly better than the 178 received in the first six months of last year.

However, it is still likely to take, another significant amount, in the next two weeks, to dodge the area’s second consecutive drought year…and the third one of the last four years.

We got off to a slow start with only 0.8 millimillters yesterday…the first day of the what is traditionally the area’s high moisture month of the year. With a norm of 83.2 millimeters…July put the drought stamp on 2008, with a pitiful total of only 20.6.

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