On June 26th 2009 Peace Regional RCMP received a report of a home invasion that took place within the Town of Peace River.  

The home owner heard a knock at her front door she opened the door as she believed that two police officers were at her front door but the two unknown males were posing as police officers.  Once the door was opened the two unknown males forced their way into the home.  

The home owner was subdued and the males then searched the residence for valuables.  The first male is described as being a Caucasian male approximately 6 feet tall and around 220 lbs with a black mustache.  The second male is described as being shorter than the first male with a slight native accent.  One of the males brandished a handgun and threatened the occupant of the home during the incident.  

The two males fled the residence after taking an undisclosed amount of cash monies.  

The victim in this occurrence did not suffer any physical injuries and the Peace Regional RCMP continue to investigate this occurrence.

Although the latest incidents may cause some fear and concern to the public, the  RCMP urge the public to contact the local RCMP  detachment with any questions or concerns.