A local daycare got a rare surprise on Monday morning.

The Baby Bear Daycare in the North Peace Secondary School has been raising money to make its play-area a bit greener.

On Monday, however, workers arrived at the play area and discovered a newly renovated green play-space.

Owner Trena Martin says she has no idea who renovated her daycare.

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Now there are new trees planted in the area. The shed and playhouse are both painted, the playhouse roof is shingled, newly planted perennials dot the garden, and the grass is mowed.

Martin says the daycare can accommodate up to 28 children.  Students keep their children in the daycare as they finish up their diploma.

The renovations are estimated to be worth several hundred dollars, not including the man-hours needed to complete the work.

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The daycare will still pursue more green renovations. Martin says she still plans to plant a vegetable garden, a pumpkin patch and construct a sunflower house.