City spending $98,400 on 2010 High on Ice Festival

The High on Ice festival will be receiving almost $11,000 extra this year.

City Council debated the pros and cons of the event on Monday night. Some councilors thought the City should cut some funding towards the event.

However, Councilor Lori Ackerman says she feels the event is too valuable to the community.

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Mayor Bruce Lantz, however, thought otherwise.

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Now, President of the Fort St. John Arts Council, Lisa Bush, says there needs to be more communication between City Council and the Arts Council.

She says outside marketing is key to the program’s success, and the city needs to do a better job of advertizing the event in advance.

But, Mayor Bruce Lantz compares the festival to a business. He says if a business doesn’t fare well in the first five years, it should restructure its business plan.

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In the end, the City agreed to pay more than $98,000 to the Arts Council for next year’s event. Mayor Bruce Lantz and Councilor Trevor Bolin were the only two that opposed the idea.

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