Formula Powell now allowed to keep the snow inside Fort St. John city limits

The Ministry of Environment says that the snow hauled into the city only contains about 0.8% oil.

With the latest assessment, the Ministry of Environment has told Formula Powell they do not have to clean up the remainder of the snow still left on the Fontas snow. The Ministry believes there is not enough oil in the snow to cause any environmental harm. The City of Fort St. John will also now allow the current snow stored at the Formula Powell yard to stay in the community.

The City will be presented with a formal environmental plan approved by an environmental agency, which will detail how the snow will be moved into a proper containment structure.

In total about 200 dump truck loads of snow were moved into the City with about another 400 still remaining at the spill site.

On Friday March 6th a Formula Powell truck began to leak oil over a 44km stretch of the Fontas Road northeast of Fort St. John. Originally Formula Powell was instructed by the Ministry of Environment to clean up the contaminated snow. The decision was made to haul the snow to a Formula Powell facility within the City of Fort St. John.

Friday March 13th, the City of Fort St. John told Formula Powell to stop hauling snow into the City and look at alternative storage locations.

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