Fort St. John hosted the BC Cup #2 over the week-end.  The North Peace Rec center is known provincially for its good ice, and this week-end was no exception.  Top end skaters from throughout the province competed hard, particularly to Division 2 men, and there were some very fast times.  Local skaters did well, especially considering this was the first short track meet in almost 3 months for some of them.

Of particular note for the local club was the number of personal bests skated over the week-end, led by Desiree Mitchell who lowered her times in six separate races.  It was also nice to watch local girl Trisha Gladysz skate here again; Trisha skated with the club until two years ago and now trains out of Calgary. over the last couple of weeks two skaters have achieved provincial status.  Rachel Kalkman became a provincial skater this week-end by bringing her personal bests down below 120% of the national record in two distances.  Last week-end in Chetwynd Kathryn Stickel did the same.
Trisha Gladysz          5th Div 1
Mitch Kupchanko   9th Div 2 2 personal bests
Kayne Dressler       2nd Div 3
Jamie Lee                 8th Div 3 4 personal best
Desiree Mitchell   13th Div 3 6 personal bests
Kathryn Stickel      6th Div 4
Ben Maxfield        10 Div 4 2 personal bests
Connor Johnson  3rd Div 5 2 personal bests
Jenna Burns         5th Div 5 3 personal bests
Rachel Kalkman 7th Div 5 4 personal bests
Colton Johnson 8th Div 5 4 personal bests
Renee Kalkman 9th Div 5 2 personal bests