MacKenzie Chlorine Leak Capped

In MacKenzie, the evacuation order that removed about 30 people from their homes yesterday has been lifted.

There has been concern in the community about an environmental disaster at a closed pulp mill for about a week now.

The idle Worthington Mill has had chlorine dixoide leaking from it and although it was thought to have been capped, the leak began again yesterday from a faucet on a large tank.

That led to the precautionary evacuation and NDP Environment critic Shane Simpson, has labelled the mill a ticking time bomb…


The mill was taken over by the province, after the former owners stopped paying employees and Environment Minister Barry Penner says it does not represent a public danger.

However, Mr. Simpsom says that without a major fix, at taxpayer expense, it’s a disaster waiting to happen…


That noted he now says the government has no choice but to come up with an immediate concrete action plan.

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