Photo: Todd Tripp, left, tells Dr. Stanley Hamilton the reviews need to be clear and consise at the Tuesday night public meeting – Christine Rumleskie/

After two public meetings on Tax Ratio Review Recommendations, Dr. Stanley Hamilton is more informed on the questions and concerns of local taxpayers.

Around ten people came out to the Tuesday evening meeting. Many questions and suggestions were similar to the afternoon session.

Homeowner’s main concern was the Assessment Values.

Dr. Hamilton says he has no control on the Assessment Values and encourages those who feel their estimate is incorrect to call BC Assessment.

He says, however, that the Assesment Value will have an indirect affect on his recommendations.

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City Council chose Dr. Hamilton to work on the Tax Review because he worked on a similar case in Vancouver. He was one of three Commissioners that reviewed the city’s tax review.

He says he wants the information collected in the meeting to advocate a level of transparency in his recommendations.

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Dr. Hamilton has until March 1st to complete his recommendations and findings.

He says his job isn’t to tell council what the ratio number should be adjusted to; it is merely to present his findings.

City Council has no input or influence on his report.

Recommendations and questions can still be emailed to Dr. Hamilton at