Parking for the disabled will now be free in the city of Fort St. John.

At Monday night’s council meeting, council moved to scrap parking meters in handicapped parking spaces across the city, meaning those with a handicap decal can now park for free. Council members also decided against putting in a time limit on the spaces, despite receiving information that several other benchmark cities had put a two hour time limit on their spaces. Director of Facilities Jim Rogers reasoned that without a time limit, there was a possibility that decal-carrying vehicles could linger in the spots for long periods of time, forcing other decal-carrying vehicles to park in regular, metered spots.

However, Councillor Lori Ackerman, who made the original motion to make disabled parking free, said she doesn’t anticipate that particular issue becoming a problem.

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The city estimates it currently has 10-15 of the handicap parking spaces in Fort St. John.