A summary of the 2008 Blizzard Bike Club season, from club tyrant Pat Ferris:

The Blizzard Bike Club finished off its 26th season with its riders getting a repeat Challenge Cup win, a provincial medal, two BC Summer Games medals, 8 BC Seniors Games medals and three Ironman finishers.
The season was highlighted by the driest, nicest weather the club racing season ever had. That is, once it warmed up in April!
The season started early for the Blizzards with the Roubaix Cup series kicking off March 2 under -17 degree temperatures. Bob Andrews won the first race and went on to win the three race series.
Billy Bucknall finished the Malaysian Ironman in March. He completed the grueling event in 11 hours 57 minutes. He recovered nicely and went on to do the Coeur D’Alene Ironman with a 10:25:00, in July.
The Spring Stage Race was an early, snowy affair. Blaine Richter won the 7 stage race with 24 points, 1 point ahead of Pat Ferris. Robin Baillie was third with 11 points. Kendra Young won the under 19 trophy and Barb Polehoykie won the Women’s ahead of Kathryn Fairweather.
It was a sad time for the club in April as long time Blizzard rider Terry Stone passed away in Victoria. Terry was a well like, much decorated cyclist. 35 riders came out in July to Hudson’s Hope for the first annual Terry Stone Memorial Race. Past Ferris won the 40 k time trial with 1:04:13 and Sandy McDonald the Women’s at 1:14:38.
Stephen Ferris went to Vancouver to compete in the tough Pro-Am BC Superweek Series.
Gord Harris was the dominator in the 5 race duathlon series. Gord Harris and Barb Polehoykie both led the locals in the Dawson Creek, Fort Nelson, Stony Plain and Prince George triathlons.
Kendra Young brought back two medals from the BC Summer Games in Kelowna.
Blizzards won the Challenge Cup trophy yet, again, with a whopping 679 points over GP’s 334 and DC’s 231. Pat Ferris won the overall points for men and Sandy McDonald for the Women’s. Colter Young and Robin Baillie won three stages, Pat Ferris two stages and Stephen Ferris one stage.
Colter Young had a busy season with the Alberta Junior Team . They traveled to the Tour D’Abitibi, A Belize stage race and a race in Vermont.
The locals placed 8th in their first effort at the World Masters Time Trial Challenge, in September.
Gord Harris completed his second Penticton Ironman in August with a time of 14:08:46 hours.
At BC Seniors Games competition, Bill Lindsay won three gold’s, Richard Wood two gold’s and silver and Gord Harris silver and a bronze.
The new mountain bike circuit was a hit. Pat Ferris held off Gary Hilderman to win the series and the Championship under very nice weather. Barb Polehoykie was the women’s winner.
The cyclo cross season was popular both in town and in the big city races. Blizzards did the National Cyclo cross Championships and a UCI race in Edmonton with Robin Baillie 4th, Colter Young 6th and Pat Ferris 8th in their categories. In Provincials, Colter Young won a Gold Medal and Robin Baillie getting a 4th place.
The club banquet in October signaled the end of the season. Riders did manage to catch one of the last nice days of the season Nov. 2nd and try out some new pavement before winter got here.
Pray for spring.

Thanks Pat, and congrats to the BBC on a great season.