A letter to FSJ residents, concerning the Enerplex

The City has posted an open letter to Fort St. John residents, discussing the Enerplex.

The letter’s author, Director of Protective Services Jim Rogers, says the project is still on schedule, with new ice expected for the first time in late July 2009.

He says the base slab has been completely poured for the oval, and the roof should be complete by the end of the week.

Rogers also discusses several of the issues that have faced the 33 million dollar project, such as problems with steel delivery, and the now infamous padding issue, which he is confident will be resolved “shortly”.

The city has been in discussion with Dig In Research, about the creation of a sponsorship plan for the building. More meetings on that subject will take place this week.

To read the 4 page letter, visit energeticcity-beta.mystagingwebsite.com/cityfsj, or click on this link.


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