Here are some of the highlights of the Fort St. John City Council Meeting October 14th:

Council passed a motion to create a Local Preference Purchasing and Procedures Policy. The policy would compel the city to award tenders or quotations first to firms located in Fort St. John and second to firms located in British Columbia when two tenders are otherwise equal.

Council authorized staff to install streetlights on the BC Hydro poles on 82nd St. at 94th Ave and 95th Ave.

Council announced the results of their 2008 annual tax sale, when properties carrying delinquent tax debts are auctioned off. For the first time in five years, all properties were redeemed in time and no properties were sold.

Council negotiated a rezoning of the property known as Station 44 after a public hearing on the matter. The city agreed to reduce the number of parking spaces required per 100m squared from 6 to 5 for the development. Property Development Group, a company involved in the development of Station 44, had requested that only 4 parking spaces be required per 100m squared.

Council adopted a motion to make 106th St. from 100th Ave. to 111th Ave. a Traffic-Calmed Area.

Council agreed to read a bylaw which recommended that certain municipally-provided services, such as Criminal Record Checks and Chaffeur Permits, see an increase in price.