Photo: Michael Seo (centre) and his associates present their plans before City Council October 14th – Johanna Henderson/

Mayor Jim Eglinski is calling a multi-phase plan to demolish the Fort Hotel “adequate.”
Michael Seo, the owner of the Fort Hotel, presented his plans for the troubled property before City Council last night.
Seo started his presentation by apologizing for the delay in demolition, citing problems with recruiting and retaining contractors and engineers as the reason for the hold up.
Seo also said his attention has been divided between completing renovations on the former Elena’s Sports Centre, which he also owns, and dealing with the Fort Hotel property.
Mayor Eglinski says the multi-phase demolition will allow engineers to determine the composition of portions of the structure before demolishing them, making the whole process safer. He says he feels Seo is finally getting on track with the city’s expectations.


Eglinski also said it’s too soon to tell whether a portion of the structure will be able to be retained for a future development on the site.


Michael Seo says demolition on the hotel will begin as early as next week.