It’s not the majority he wanted — but Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have won a stronger minority mandate.

It’s Canada’s third straight minority government.

Aided by vote-splitting in Ontario, the Tories are on track to up their seat count by about 15 from the 127 they had at dissolution — but they did it without significantly boosting their share of the popular vote.

It looks like voter turnout will be about 56 per cent, down from over 60 per cent in 2006.

The Liberals, as expected, won the most seats in Atlantic Canada but they lost a bit of turf to the Tories and N-D-P.

Liberals won 17 seats in Atlantic Canada, the Conservatives 10, the N-D-P four.

In Nova Scotia, Green Leader Elizabeth May’s bid to unseat Defence Minister Peter MacKay quickly turned to dust as she was soundly defeated.

Across the West, the Conservatives were winners in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, huge winners in Alberta, and they also crushed the Liberals in British Columbia.