Fort St. John will now suspend the default status of their Enerplex contract with design/build firm Field, Field and Field for one month.

Earlier this year, the city placed the joint venture group into default of their contract due to their failure to resolve the issue of safety padding around the Enerplex’s speedskating oval.

However, in what Facilities Director Jim Rogers is calling a “positive” step, the city has agreed to suspend the default status while a “task force” that includes Field, Field and Field members works on the issue.

The move comes as a result of the firm’s failure to produce an adequate solution to the padding problems by a September 20th deadline. Despite that failure, Rogers insists that all parties involved are moving towards a solution to the issue.

City manager Dianne Hunter says that the difficulties the city is facing with the developer are similar to those faced by any community embarking on a large-scale project with a contractor.


The city says the Enerplex is still on schedule for completion July 31st 2009.