Oil & Gasoline Prices

The latest pull on oil prices is Tropical Storm Fay, which initiated another brief halt in the crude price slide early today. On concerns the storm may disrupt Gulf Coast drilling operations, the price of oil was back up over, one hundred and 15 dollars a barrel but, at last word it had started to edge lower again. Either wayit remains more than 35 U.S. dollars below its July 11th peak and, while not in Fort St. John, that has engineered a drop in gasoline prices in many parts of the country. In fact, at last check on Saturday afternoon, if you were headed south on the Alaska Highway and your destination took you as far as Farmington, only about half an hour from Fort St. John, you could purchase 200 liters of gasoline for at least 20 dollars less than you could here. Better yet, if you got to the Fas Gas station at the Alberta border you could save 30 dollars, on a similar 200 liter purchase. The next 60-city weekly cross-Canada price survey, which includes Fort St. John, is due to published tomorrow.

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