Fort Hotel Demo Plan Given to City Hall

The owner of the Fort Hotel has dropped off his plan for demolition of the Fort Hotel.

The local eyesore was declared a nuisance property by Fort St. John City Council back in April. The property owner had until tomorrow to give the city his plan for demolition.

We spoke with City Manager Diane Hunter prior to the plan being dropped off and she said the City may consider giving the owner an extension.

Since construction ended on the property it has become a health and safety hazard, a site for vagrants, graffiti, and criminal activity. Last winter, pipes burst inside the building resulting in significant flooding. The Fort St. John Fire Chief has pointed out several safety concerns that would prevent him from sending in fire fighters should there be a fire.

The future of the Fort Hotel will be discussed more fully at Monday’s City Council Meeting once the City has had a chance to review the property owner’s plan. The City wants to make sure all costs associated with the demolition are paid for by the property owner.

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