A series of drug busts in Fort St. John has netted 9 arrests, and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cash and cocaine.

The Fort St. John RCMP reports that two arrests this week have led to the arrest of 9 members of the drug trade, based in this city as well as the Vancouver area.

This week’s arrests began with two Tuesday morning busts, at local residents, where police made 7 arrests and recovered cocaine, almost 40 thousand dollars in cash, and a loaded handgun.

Then on Wednesday night, RCMP arrested two more men allegedly from the gang known as the Independent Soldiers, who were carrying as much as a pound of cocaine in their vehicle on the Alaska highway.

Corporal Milo MacDonald says he’s not saying this bust will mean the end of drugs in Fort St. John, but it is making traffickers aware of the police’s presence.

Corporal MacDonald says another bust two weeks ago, led to the arrest of two lower mainland suspects as well as 80 thousand dollars in cash and Cocaine.