We are now less than two weeks away from introduction of ten-digit dialing for local telephone calls.

To meet growing demand for phone numbers the industry is adding new area codes to BC and Alberta.

They are 7-7-8 in BC’s current 2-5-0 area code region and, 5-8-7 right across Alberta.

The end result means that people must add the area code for local calls, making them ten digit numbers.

A permissive dialing period will begin, on June 23rd to help callers adjust.

During that period those who dial seven digits will hear a recordedreminder, advising them to dial ten digits the next time they place alocal call.

In order to ensure a seamless transition businesses and consumersneed to make the necessary changes, by reprogramming communicationssystems and equipment.

That includes telephones, wireless equipment, computers and fax machines.

They should also contact security system operators, to ensure that equipment is set up for ten digit dialing.