speed skating



1/2 way in volunteer,

key note speech, Denny Morrison


NPSS gymnastics, food erives

Bowes Juno

insulated lunch bag and kids pick their own lunches, after breakfast go through line for food

curling clun, curling

bear mountin down hill

taylor ice skating

pomeroy karate high specatator sport

Indegenous inclusion open close open close thursday Jennifer Moore

sports and Venue list was included in presentation

700 have signed up and 1400 to go

food services, security, transportation, luggage handlers,


support the games with merchandise

on website


apple initiative

70 percent obeses

20 mental health

charitbale, firt two in bc

growing organization, international recognization

16 million, physical exercise

vulnerable populations

make kids feel heard and belong gives them a voice

2 years to change the culture of the school, funding opportunities, partnership with donor

2 sponsors to do breakfast program one day a week at upper pine

1 dollar per day per student and left over goes to pantry

each year is different with a core community committee goal is to improve physical activity in the winter, swiming passes as healthy rewards and proper clothing Duncan Cran breakfast program, sustainable

food security in the official community plan


Restorative justice

we have a ll been there, bad choices, we have a need for jusice, different theories not exclusive, direct accountability can be restorative 3 week in November, 16th Yoga session, sharing process, open to anyone. Sharing session.

restoring harmoney and peace and we are invested and effort.




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