Media Evolution: Striving to Serve 

Trust takes years to build, seconds to break.

How can media earn your trust?

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About the Project

Every citizen should have access to news and stories that impact their lives and have the ability to have trust in the organization providing the information to be factual and unbiased.  

The changes in our digital world requires both a fresh understanding of a community’s needs, accessibility, and an understanding of how to communicate the benefits and values of a news organization back to its community.  

Connecting with the local audience is increasingly becoming difficult due to the increased availability of news sources. In rural and remote environments, this availability of local news is limited but complicated due to the vast geographic area covered and limited connectivity, along with a distrust of media in delivering unbiased news.  

Knowing and understanding the local audience is key to becoming a curator of local news, through thoughtfully and strategically connected stories that the community might fine valuable, that will resonate with them, and that will have a meaningful impact on them.  

The year-long project will look at how rural news organizations can better connect with their audiences. The project will tackle the challenges of better understanding and serving communities to enhance the relationship with the varied audiences. To achieve this, the team will interact with identified audiences and stakeholders to develop a better understanding about the audiences serves through surveys, research, and community engagement activities. 

The Media Evolution: Striving to Serve project will drive digital innovation, assist the publisher to better understand their communities, to develop new business models and to share learnings with the wider industry. 

The objective of this public consultation is to develop a plan to increase reader trust and engagement at