We are your neighbours, you’ll see us in line at the grocery store, and our kids play sports together. What matters to you matters to us because WE are LOCAL, just like you!

Energeticcity.ca is owned by 0914126 B.C. Ltd., which is controlled 100% by Adam Reaburn. Adam has lived in Fort St. John since 2004 and co-founded Energeticcity.ca in 2008. Adam also owns 100.1 Moose FM.

Our job is to cover Northeast B.C. and the communities we call home, including Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Hudson’s Hope, Taylor, Charlie Lake, Chetwynd, Pouce Coupe, Fort Nelson, Tumbler Ridge and the rest of the B.C. Peace.

As the only locally owned and operated media company in Northeast B.C., we are truly independent and provide a unique perspective on local news.

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Our Staff

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Adam Reaburn

General Manager/Owner


Adam Reaburn is the owner of Moose FM and Energeticcity.ca. Adam has been working in broadcasting for over 20 years. Adam and his wife Tammy have lived in Fort St. John for over 18 years. More by Adam Reaburn

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Tre Lopushinsky



Tre Lopushinsky is the News Director at Energeticcity.ca, and a NAIT broadcasting graduate. His love for local journalism started in Lloydminster, where he realized the importance of covering issues/topics for smaller municipalities. He is also the co-host of Before The Peace, highlighting Indigenous voices in the North Peace. In his off time, Tre is yelling at his tv while watching pro wrestling, MMA, and basketball. More by Tre Lopushinsky

Jenna Morland

Marketing strategies need expert knowledge. Jenna Morland is the Marketing Manager and social media wiz for Energeticcity.ca. She is skilled at developing the right plan of action for each of her client’s unique needs and is committed to helping them choose the best product for them. Jenna is an author and a mother of two who loves to stay creative. Jenna is also the host of the Before the Peace podcast that highlights Indigenous Voices in the North Peace.

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Shailynn Foster

Shailynn Foster is a news reporter for energeticcity.ca. Shailynn has been writing since she was 7 years old, but only recently started her journey as a journalist. Shailynn was born and raised in Fort St. John and she watches way too much YouTube, Netflix and Disney+ during the week while playing DND on the weekends. More by Shailynn Foster

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Spencer Hall

Investigative Reporter


Spencer Hall is a news reporter for energeticcity.ca and a recent graduate of the British Columbia Institute of Technology’s Radio Arts & Entertainment program. Growing up in Northwest B.C. made Spencer aware of the importance of local journalism, independent media, and reconciliation. In his spare time, you can find Spencer reading, playing video games, or at the FSJ dog park with his dog, Teddy. More by Spencer Hall

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Greg Armstrong

Greg is the Reader Engagement Lead for Energeticcity. His duties also include social media management, digital marketing implementation, and video production. In his spare time, Greg enjoys reading comics, playing video games, and hanging out with his wife and dog. More by Greg Armstrong

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Katherine Caddel

Katherine Caddel is a recent graduate of Laurentian University’s English Media and Rhetoric program. They grew up in Northern Ontario and recently decided to make the North Peace their new home. When not at work, Katherine enjoys horror movies, playing video games and Dungeons and Dragons. More by Katherine Caddel

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Jordan Prentice

Jordan Prentice is a multimedia reporter for energeticcity.ca and a recent graduate of BCIT’s Broadcast and Online Journalism program.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Jordan’s passion for broadcast and journalism began with her dream of becoming a hockey journalist and play-by-play commentator.

During her schooling, Jordan discovered a deep passion for reporting on Indigenous issues, culture and affairs. Jordan is also passionate about connecting with and listening to stories from people from different walks of life and cultural backgrounds.

Last Spring, Jordan completed her first season providing play-by-play for Trinity Western University Women’s Hockey and gameday hosting for BCHL Coquitlam Express.

Jordan enjoys radio anchoring, creating and editing video content, and hopes to one day pursue a career in investigative journalism as well as producing documentaries.

When Jordan isn’t looking for the next great story to tell, she enjoys taking pictures, riding her bike, collecting her favourite rock and roll albums on vinyl, and, of course, cheering on her beloved Canucks. More by Jordan Prentice

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Manavpreet Singh, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

My name is Manavpreet Singh, and I was born and raised in Panjab. I came to Canada as an International student and studied at SFU.

I learned the discourse on media and how it is not merely a tool for news but a powerful technology where reason triumphs the passion. My passion is reading philosophical texts, and I am particularly interested in understanding technology and its impact on colonialism.

I will be covering stories coming out of Indigenous communities and trying to explore their language and traditions. Being brought up in rural Panjab, I feel a personal connection with the First Nation communities as our histories though geographically and culturally, are pretty different, there is a common bond of homelessness that we Sikh community share with them.

I am very excited to be working at Energeticcity.ca and covering indigenous stories. This position has been funded by the Government of Canada and the Journalism Initiative. More by Manavpreet Singh, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter