Energeticcity.ca Weekly Review: Our New Social Strategy

In this edition of the Weekly Review, we share our new social strategy. Plus, our top stories of the week.
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The top stories for August 13 to 19, 2023

Welcome to the next installment of Weekly Review, the series where we mention what’s going on behind the scenes and showcase the previous week’s top stories.

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Behind the Scenes

Prior to us being blocked on Facebook and Instagram, we used those platforms as a way for you and other potential readers to find our stories. Going forward, we have decided to shake things up when it comes to how we distribute our stories.

While you can still find links to our articles on Twitter and LinkedIn, we have decided to convert a few of our stories per day into videos. These videos will be in addition to our other video content such as Community Roundup and Moose Talks. We will be posting these video stories also on TikTok and YouTube so make sure to follow us there as well.

Don’t worry, we will still be writing articles that will be posted on our website so make sure to bookmark us on your favourite browser so you don’t miss out. You can also sign up for our daily newsletter or download our app for even easier access to local news.

Top Stories of the Week

It’s always interesting to see what the readers of Energeticcity.ca are most interested in the region. Sometimes it’s a big decision that will impact property taxes, and sometimes it’s a new restaurant coming to town. Here are the top stories for the week of August 13 to 19, 2023:

  1. Dawson Creek Hit-and-Run: after a traffic stop. According to the RCMP, the truck fled from police into oncoming traffic and hit the passenger side of another vehicle before driving away. Police did not pursue the truck. 
  2. Man Wins $500k: in Fort St John from a scratch & win ticket. After winning the large prize, MacEwan plans to retire early and spend more time doing the things he loves to do.
  3. North Peace Cricket Held its Annual County League Cup: in Fort St John last month. The NPCF has been pushing to improve the sport of cricket in the Peace region by holding a yearly event since 2017.

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