District of Taylor investigating options for removal of Pickle House

The District of Taylor is investigating options for the removal of the old caretaker residence at Peace Island Park, also known as the Pickle House. 
The Pickle House is not the original caretaker residence, so it has no historical value, said the District of Taylor.

TAYLOR, B.C. — The District of Taylor is investigating options for removing the old caretaker residence at Peace Island Park, also known as the Pickle House. 

District of Taylor Director of Community Services Director Ryan Galay presented his report detailing the topic to council at a committee of the whole meeting on Monday. 

The Pickle House is located on the south side of the road leading to the island at Peace Island Park and was previously used as the park’s caretaker residence. The park added an office to the structure that did not meet zoning bylaw requirements to be used as a commercial property. A new caretaker residence and office were built, and the Pickle House was left empty. 

According to Galay’s report, the vacant Pickle House has been empty and unmaintained for a number of years and was broken into and vandalized in July, making the structure a safety concern. 

“Due to the condition of the building, [district] staff is concerned for the safety of park users and the vulnerability of the property to be used for illegal activities like underage drinking or arson, to name a few,” Galay wrote. 

District of Taylor Chief Administrative Officer Moira Green says it’s important to note the building is not the original caretaker residence. 

“It’s a replica,” said Green. “So that means it doesn’t have any historical value.”

Green says council has asked staff to investigate options, including offering the building to someone who may want to repurpose it. 

“Sometime over the next few months, we will do some pricing and build a budget scenario,” said Green.

“We will then offer the building out in the community to see if anyone would like to come collect and reuse it.”

Alternative options for removing the Pickle House in Galay’s report include investigating the restoration of the Pickle House as a historic site, investigating the preservation of the log structure for reconstruction as part of the Old Fort, and investigating third-party use of the logs.

According to Galay’s report, the cost to remove the Pickle House will be included for consideration in the District of Taylor’s 2024 Budget. 

Galay’s full report can be read here.  


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