Chetwynd Councillor submits resignation notice

District of Chetwynd councillor Clay Bassendowski submitted his notice of resignation on Monday.
A wooden Welcome to Chetwynd sign with carved wooden bears.
Clay Bassendowski, District of Chetwynd councillor, submitted his notice of resignation. (District of Chetwynd, Facebook)

CHETWYND, B.C. — District of Chetwynd councillor Clay Bassendowski submitted his notice of resignation on Monday.

In a letter addressed to chief administrative officer (CAO) Stephen McLain, Bassendowski said he would be unable to fulfill his duties as a councillor moving forward as he and his family have moved away due to their careers.

Bassendowski said he will continue to serve as councillor remotely until November 1st.

In the letter, Bassendowski said he feels he’s leaving the position with the district having a solid balance sheet regarding cash, reserves and borrowing power.

“Chetwynd is financially strong in my opinion but is facing reduced tax revenue and uncertain grant securement as well as aging infrastructure,” said Bassendowski.

The councillor said asset management and financial planning are going to be essential.

He said the district has done a good job of upgrading its infrastructure, although there are still old pipes in the ground and roads deteriorating while prices continue to rise.

Bassendowski also encouraged Chetwynd residents to consider running for his seat on council and “carry on with strong objectives of providing our taxpayers with a safe, productive, and prosperous community to raise families in.”

A by-election will be organized in the future to fill the vacant position.

The full letter from Bassendowski can be viewed below:


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