Former Pouce Coupe mayor’s appeal to remove successor dismissed

An appeal filed by the previous mayor of Pouce Coupe to remove her successor was dismissed by the Court of Appeal in July.
Former Pouce Coupe mayor Lorraine Michetti in front of flags at Pouce Coupe Town Hall.
Former Pouce Coupe mayor Lorraine Michetti’s appeal was dismissed. (The Village of Pouce Coupe)

POUCE COUPE, B.C. — An appeal filed by the previous mayor of Pouce Coupe to remove her successor was dismissed by the Court of Appeal in July.

Three judges — David Harris, Gregory Fitch and Peter Voith— dismissed former Pouce Coupe Mayor Lorraine Michetti’s appeal after one day in court.

Michetti filed a petition in November 2022 claiming Danielle Veach should be removed for allegedly trying to buy and intimidate voters and making “serious fraudulent misrepresentations” about Michetti’s character.

Judge Ward Branch made a final decision and sent it to Veach and Michetti on January 10th, dismissing the case and upholding the 2022 election as lawful.

Michetti’s lawyer, Nathalie Baker, filed an appeal on May 1st in a second attempt to try and reverse the 2022 election results. The controversial former mayor was seeking to be reinstated as mayor or have the position left vacant pending a by-election.

Michetti took the Village of Pouce Coupe to court twice after she had been stripped of her portfolios on council.

In February 2021, Michetti made controversial social media posts and comments, allegedly comparing gun owners to holocaust victims and using stereotypes of Indigenous people to mock environmental protests. 

A couple of days later, council members at the time held a special meeting, voting to remove Michetti from all committees and boards without the mayor at the time in attendance.

After two council members stepped down, Danielle Veach and Marcel Woodill were elected to fill the positions after a by-election.

Just after being sworn in on October 6th, 2021, Councillors unanimously voted to go through the list of Michetti’s local and regional positions and replace her with councillors.

A court ruled in favour of Michetti both times, restoring her of her positions until last year’s election.

The reasons for the latest dismissal have not yet been released.


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