Peace River Zone Theatre Festival kicks off Wednesday night

The Peace River Zone Theatre Festival kicks off Wednesday at the high school for three nights of plays.
A grey building with "Grizzlies" and "NPSS" on the front.
The Peace River Zone Theatre Festival begins Wednesday night at the high school. (Tre Lopushinsky,

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — The Peace River Zone Theatre Festival kicks off Wednesday at the high school for three nights of plays.

Ted Sloan, a North Peace Secondary School teacher, says there will be an adjudicator at each play.

“A local professional actor, he’s coming back, he’s bringing his wonderful wife, and he will mark each show based on a set of numbers,” Sloan explained.

“Then whoever wins, whichever show he thinks did the best artistically, will actually go to the provincials of acting down in Surrey in July.”

Wednesday’s show is called Great Greek Olympiaganza, which is every Greek myth told in 60 minutes or less, according to Sloan.

“It’s the high school show, and it’s a farce. The kids know it’s silly. It’s fun,” Sloan said.

“Kronos goes to therapy, at one point, there’s a snowball fight on stage. Siri makes an appearance, so it’s really fun.”

Thursday’s show is Journey to the Centre of the Earth, put on by Stage North.

“It’s a neat radio show, but you can see the foley artists doing all the sound effects for real,” Sloan explained.

“When there’s water, they’re like splashing, there’s like a dinosaur fight, so it’s neat. You see sound effects come to life.”

On Friday, the last show is The Exquisite Hour, which Sloan will be in with a former drama teacher.

“It’s a romantic comedy that starts with someone selling encyclopedias and ends with a big twist, and it’s just a feel-good time,” Sloan said.

Attendance to the shows will be by donation at the high school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday starting at 7:30 p.m.

For more information, the Community Round-up can be viewed below:


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