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How to Green Your Home on a Budget

Although climate change is a massive problem, there are many ways to play a small part in a greener world – and they don’t have to break the bank.
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It’s getting harder to ignore climate change as we witness more extreme weather every year. Although it’s a massive problem with no single solution, there are many ways to play a small part in a greener world – and they don’t have to break the bank.

Here are a few ideas:

Close the gaps: For just a few bucks, re-caulking your windows or adding weather stripping to cover the crack under your doors can dramatically reduce your energy use and keep your home warm.

Turn down the heat: You’re unlikely to notice if the heat’s one or two degrees lower, and even that small shift can make a major difference to the energy you use. Plus, people usually sleep better in cooler temperatures.

Plan your meals and love leftovers: Food waste is a major culprit when it comes to your carbon footprint, and Canadians are big offenders. You’ll not only help the planet, but you’ll also save money by planning out your menu and repurposing extra servings.

Set up a shower timer: Avoid water waste by putting a timer in your shower. You might be surprised how much quicker you are once you can see time ticking away while sudsing your hair or after you’ve turned bath time into a competition for the speediest clean. A low-flow showerhead is a good idea too.

Use rebates and credits: Look for programs to help you cut costs for more significant updates. For example, the Climate Action Incentive payment is a quarterly payment for residents of certain provinces that use the federal government’s carbon pricing system. You can use these payments to help you make some simple changes.

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