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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — Ovvian Castrillo-Hill, a local filmmaker, is working on part two of her documentary series EX-SITU.

The first part, titled EX-SITU: Thriving In our New Bayan, was released on Telus Optik and YouTube last year.

Thriving In Our New Bayan highlighted the journeys and lives of the Filipino community in Fort St. John.

Part two of the series is titled EX-SITU: Interactions, which Castrillo-Hill began filming in November.

Castrillo-Hill said this time around, the documentary will have more to do with how the Filipino community interacts in Fort St. John through topics such as sports, food, art, traditions and festivals.

“For instance, for food, I’m interviewing some chefs, and I’m also featuring a fusion recipe, a Filipino Canadian recipe that people can try at home,” Castrillo-Hill explained.

“And also how the Filipinos are doing winter sports because we don’t have snow where we come from, so I think it would be an interesting thing to highlight how the Filipino-Canadians are now learning things from here and are enjoying winter sports.”

In addition to participating in Canada’s winter sports, Castrillo-Hill will share how Filipino Canadians bring their culture and religion to Canada.

“It’s partly about how we’re doing things that are done in Canada; it’s also partly us bringing in things that are important to us to Fort St. John,” she said.

Castrillo-Hill is able to create the second part of her series thanks to a grant from STORYHIVE Voices 2.0.

The grant gave 100 creators from B.C. and Alberta the chance to create content with $10,000 in production funding and additional training.

In order to become eligible for the grant, Castrillo-Hill had to submit a pitch and remain within STORYHIVE’s video restraints.

According to STORYHIVE, each applicant must deliver a minimum of 150 minutes of content split between six to ten episodes.

Castrillo-Hill’s first series was nine episodes, each about 18 minutes in length. For her second series, she’s hoping to create six episodes which will run 20 to 25 minutes in length.

“But I mean, who knows, if a topic expands, I might add another episode,” she said.

Castrillo-Hill’s previous series can be found on YouTube within the STORYHIVE Voices 1.0: BC Series playlist.

She wanted to add that the first episode in EX-SITU: Thriving In our New Bayan was a learning process for her.

“My output might not be perfect, but I am working on my skills and trying to hone them,” she explained.

The due dates for each episode of EX-SITU: Interactions are staggered throughout the spring, while the entire documentary is expected to be aired on Telus Optik TV and YouTube in the summer.

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