City to spend $52 million on capital projects in 2023

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Fort St. John City Council has approved the capital budget for 2023, which will see the city spend over $52 million on roads, buildings and infrastructure.

The capital budget is different from the city’s operating budget. The operating budget funds the city’s day-to-day operations, while the capital budget covers new roads, city buildings and water and sewer infrastructure.

Property taxes do not fund the capital budget. Instead, the funds for the capital budget come through grants, utility reserves, and the Peace River Agreement.

Of the $52 million planned for 2023, the city will spend $22 million on new roads and sidewalks. This includes the next phase of construction on 100 street which will see the city bring the new design to a section from 101st Avenue to 103rd Avenue. The city has yet to provide the total cost of this project in 2023.

Ryan Harvey with the City of Fort St. John said the city has adjusted the construction plan for 100 street.

“When detailed planning began for this next phase, it was determined to go only to the north side of 103 Avenue during this construction season for several reasons, such as maintaining business access, limiting traffic detour impacts, and ensuring the construction is completed,” Harvey stated.

The budget for this year’s construction will be released once the tender process has been closed. The city no longer releases budget information before a project goes to tender to ensure they receive competitive bids for the work. In 2022, Knappett Industries was awarded the $9.22 million tender for work from 99 Avenue to 101 Avenue.

The final two blocks from 103rd Avenue to 105th Avenue are expected to finish in 2024.

In 2023, the city will spend over $14 million on new buildings, parks and facilities, including the new RCMP detachment, Kin Park upgrades, the new emergency services building and updates to Mathews park.

The remainder of the capital budget will be spent on water and sewer upgrades, city equipment upgrades and planning for future community improvements.

City staff are now reportedly beginning the process of issuing tenders for projects that will be completed during the upcoming summer construction season.

See the complete list of capital projects below.


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