Police looking for Computer Emporium break-in suspect

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — A locally owned computer store was broken into early Christmas morning, and police are looking for the public’s help identifying the suspect.

The Fort St. John RCMP was alerted by Computer Emporium’s security system, and the suspect was caught on multiple security cameras throughout the store.

Cary Brisbin, whose husband owns the business, said the police arrived in a timely fashion, but the suspect was quick.

Brisbin said the suspect gained access through the front door by smashing the glass with a hatchet.

The suspect is seen using the hatchet to smash products and displays throughout the store on the security camera footage.

Computer Emporium thief smashing a cabinet. (Computer Emporium - Facebook)
Computer Emporium thief smashing a cabinet. (Computer Emporium, Facebook)

Brisbin said they stole five CPUs or processors, three Ryzen CPUs and two Intel.

The suspect also stole an MSI Katana Gaming Laptop, which was missing the charging chord and chipped on the side, an ASUS M515DA laptop, missing the charging chord, and a Creative Surround Sound System.

The Computer Emporium thief taking a sound system. (Computer Emporium - Facebook)
The Computer Emporium thief taking a sound system. (Computer Emporium, Facebook)

Brisbin said she chose the video she posted online because “when you watch that video, that’s a person that knows the store.”

“They walked directly over to the CPU and GPU cabinet, which 80 per cent of us don’t even know what they do,” Brisbin added.

“He read one of them to make sure he was grabbing what he wanted. You have to actually know what you’re doing to even understand that box.”

Brisbin mentioned how the suspect knew the store, especially the back room, which is pitch black.

“We can’t navigate it ourselves; it’s so black back [there],” she said.

Computer emporium thief leaving out the backdoor. (Computer Emporium - Facebook)
Computer emporium thief leaving out the backdoor. (Computer Emporium, Facebook)

One of the videos shows a close-up of the suspect’s face, who is wearing a mask.

Close-up of Computer Emporium thief. (Computer Emporium - Facebook)
Close-up of Computer Emporium thief. (Computer Emporium, Facebook)

The security camera footage can be viewed on Computer Emporium’s Facebook page, with more video in the comments.

Anyone with any information about the theft is asked to contact the local RCMP detachment at 250-787-8140 with case number 22-11097.

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