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TAYLOR, B.C. — The District of Taylor has proposed a policy for members of council that wish to serve on the council and maintain their status as volunteer firefighters.

The proposal was presented and discussed in the latest District of Taylor Council meeting on December 5th. 

Mayor Brent Taillefer recused himself from the meeting for the duration of the discussion of this proposal. Taillefer has been a volunteer firefighter with Taylor Fire Rescue for 17 years.

The proposal outlined their objective as wanting “to create a structure that will allow a serving councillor or mayor to continue to serve as an officer or firefighter with Taylor Fire Rescue while maintaining transparency, objectivity, and separation of those offices.” 

The proposal outlines what can and cannot be done should a member of the council or mayor be allowed to continue serving as a firefighter with Taylor Fire Rescue. 

Chief administrative officer, Moira Green, said this policy is meant to preserve the efforts of highly trained volunteer firefighters in the community. 

“[It’s] very hard to recruit and train valued volunteers,” Green said. 

Green also noted that there needed to be a clear line in terms of what is not happening when the same person is holding both positions. 

Specifically, the proposal noted that anyone holding both positions would not be allowed to receive remuneration for fire duties while holding office. 

They also would not be allowed to attend officer meetings or be involved in budgeting, policy development, or other decision-making discussions on the Taylor Fire Rescue services. 

Maintaining transparency about the policy and process was a frequent topic during the discussion. 

“There needs to be a clear line we do not cross,” Green said. 

This proposal was not written into policy and was simply placed before the council as a point of discussion. The policy will be brought back to council in the future for a decision

The full report and proposal can be read below:

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