Oil worker turned entrepreneur launches skincare line

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — A local oil truck driver in Fort St. John has begun his own line of skincare products. 

Colin Willeboordse has been in the oil and gas industry for ten years but said he started thinking about skincare when he experienced his own issues. 

“Wearing my boots all the time, I would just get really itchy. I’d wake up at camp sometimes or at home on my days off from scratching so hard in my sleep I’d have blood under my nails,” Willeboordse said. 

He explained how he worked towards developing something that would work for him, but eventually, it caught on with friends and family. “And the rest is history.” 

Willeboordse said a lot of time and research went into creating the Can Have Today line. 

“What I did was I went a lot online. I just read a lot of medical journals and medical studies on specific essential oils — what they did, what they were, what the science was behind it,” he explained. 

After the research phase, Willeboordse said there were lots of other things to take care of, such as branding the new line and finding a good chemist lab to work with.

His efforts continue as he is in the process of getting the products into more local stores. As of now, there are currently three locations that carry the Can Have Today skincare line in Fort St. John.

For more information on the Can Have Today skincare line, a list of local retailers, or to purchase, visit the website.

To watch the full interview with Colin Willeboordse, check out the Community Roundup from EnergeticCity below!


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