Now that it’s safer to resume global travel, many avid adventurers are filling their calendars with trips. If you know someone who loves to fly, make their trip even better with some new gadgets and travel tools. Whether buying for yourself or starting your holiday shopping early, travellers will love these gift ideas.

Travel Pillows

Any traveller knows that trying to get comfortable on long flights is a challenge. Train rides and backpacking trips can present similar problems. Travel pillows are an easy solution to ensure better rest. Many are compact and easily attach to luggage for carrying through the airport. Some models are adjustable and convert to flatter designs that you can use as regular pillows for bedtime.

Universal Chargers

Whether it’s an overseas journey or simply sharing a room with someone with different devices, all travellers need access to various chargers and plugs. Gift a universal charger, and they’ll never run into problems again! The best models have several input connections and multiple plug styles to fit just about any outlet. Be mindful of the difference between adapters and converters. Different countries have different electricity frequencies, so you’ll want to adjust accordingly.

Portable Battery Packs

With so much of our lives on electronic devices, running out of battery charge is unnerving when you’re far from an outlet. Gift a portable battery pack they can take on longer outings to avoid this problem. Many packs are phone-sized and easily fit in a pocket or purse. Find a model that has enough power to recharge a large device fully.

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TSA-Approved Toiletry Bags

Help your travelling friends upgrade from flimsy quart-sized plastic bags to something sturdier for liquids. Many sets offer a hanging toiletry bag (great to put over the shower rod or towel rack) with a detachable clear pouch. Everything snaps or zips back together easily after security inspection. Moving quickly through security is always a bonus for frequent travellers.

Carry-On Luggage

Of course, every traveller has a well-worn piece of carry-on luggage, but it might be time to upgrade. Nowadays, it pays to avoid checking bags, so upgrading a carry-on case is worth the extra money. “Smart” luggage is a popular carry-on option. These bags have easily accessible charging batteries, ports, and features like fingerprint locks. Alternatively, roll-up duffle bags are becoming a more popular option. Lightweight and easy to stow overhead, these bags are helpful for travellers who don’t pack many toiletries or “extras” beyond clothing.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones can save the day from airplane noise to hotel rooms with thin walls. The most robust styles are large, over-ear models that entirely block ambient sounds. Find earbuds with “active noise cancelling” technology if you’d like something sleeker. Many models can switch seamlessly between noise cancelling and “hear-through” modes.

Soap Sheets

Every traveller knows that doing laundry on a trip can save a lot of luggage space. Whether you’re backpacking or taking two weeks abroad, having an easy way to wash some clothes is a game changer. Soap sheets are a great way to pack detergent without using some of the approved liquid space. These sheets dissolve in the water and create the perfect sudsy sink to wash a few items.

Travel Steamers

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination and unpacking to find everything is terribly wrinkled. Gift a small travel steamer so that no one has to worry about how to pack things so they’ll stay pressed. These gadgets don’t take up much room and can steam a full suit in just a few minutes.  

Phone Mounts and Holders

These days so much of a vacation involves taking photos and videos. A handheld phone mount makes it easy to get stable video while you’re out and about. Many versions have adjustable length handles with various phone controls for easy access. You can also find styles that easily convert to dashboard mounts so that GPS is within view on unfamiliar roads.

Waterproof Cases and Pouches

Even if travellers aren’t going to the beach, waterproof phone cases and travel pouches are an excellent option for many adventures. It pays to store phones and other valuables in a waterproof pouch around your neck or waist if you’ll be travelling through crowded areas in various climates. Are you headed for a swim? Using a waterproof phone case will help avoid any accidental damage poolside.

Any traveller would love the items on this list, so book the next adventure today!

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