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HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C. — Two companies working on the Lynx Creek bridge were fined $147,500 by WorkSafeBC for “repeated and high-risk violations.”

The bridge, part of the Highway 29 realignment for Site C, is being completed by Cantex-Okanagan Construction and Thompson Bros Construction.

Cantex-Okanagan Construction was fined over $100,700, and Thompson Bros Construction was fined over $46,800 for failing to implement proper dust controls and failing to properly fit machinery with safeguards, considered high-risk violations by WorkSafeBC.

According to WorkSafeBC, Cantex-Okanagan was conducting aggregate crushing operations, and upon inspection, WorkSafeBC noticed the crusher plant producing large amounts of dust.

WorkSafeBC said the drop points in the crush set-up did not have water spray or ventilation, and the cone crusher also did not have effective dust control in place.

The pump for the water tank did not have enough capacity to supply enough water for all drop points.

Additionally, WorkSafeBC said the heavy machinery on site lacked efficient safeguarding.

Therefore, Cantex-Okanagan was fined $100,729.06.

Thompson Bros was the prime contractor of the bridge construction where aggregate crushing operations were taking place, according to WorkSafeBC.

WorkSafeBC inspected the site and noticed that methods to control crystalline silica dust were not implemented.

WorkSafeBC also determined that the company was not conducting safety inspections frequently enough.

Additionally, the firm’s exposure control plan did not sufficiently address the risks associated with crystalline silica dust.

Therefore, Thompson Bros Construction was fined $46,811.69.

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