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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — Fort St. John has another resident who is looking at becoming The Greatest Baker.

Similar to local Paige Hermann, Nicole Sztabkowski recently made it to the second round of the competition.

Sztabkowski owns The Big Whoop, a local farmer’s market vendor.

Sztabkowski has been creating and selling whoopie pies since May 2022, though she has been baking for about 25 years.

“I started even younger with my mom at my parents’ coffee shop,” Sztabkowski said.

“We used to do all the baking from scratch, and then I wanted something unique, and I came up with the gourmet whoopie pie idea.”

Ferrero Rocher whoopie pies on a platter (Nicole Sztabkowski)
Ferrero Rocher whoopie pies by Nicole Sztabkowski

The idea led her to sell the baked goods at the farmer’s market.

“I love these whoopie pies. It’s ridiculous how much I love them,” Sztabkowski said.

“Every filling that I make is from scratch. Right now, I just finished making homemade marshmallows for my hot cocoa whoopie pies.”

Oh Henry whoopie pies on a plate (Nicole SZTABKOWSKI)
Oh Henry whoopie pies by Nicole Sztabkowski

Her goal for the next couple of weeks is to make 500 pies for the Christmas Farmer’s Market on November 25th and 26th.

Sztabkowski said she joined The Greatest Baker competition after it kept popping up on her Facebook newsfeed.

As of November 8th, she is in 6th place.

Turtles whoopie pies on a platter (Nicole SZTABKOWSKI)
Turtles whoopie pies by Nicole Sztabkowski

The competition is based on votes and features multiple rounds before the December finals, and both local competitors will find out if they made the top 15 on November 10th.

To vote for Sztabkowski, visit her page on The Greatest Baker website.

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