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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — Halfway River delegates, as part of the First Nations Climate Initiative, will be joining Canada’s official delegation in Egypt in November.

In Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, the First Nations Climate Initiative (FNCI) will present its action plan at the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference.

“I am excited to go to COP27 to promote the First Nations Climate Action plan, and to work with the Province of British Columbia and the Government of Canada to make it happen,” said Darlene Hunter, elected Chief of Halfway River First Nation.

“We must, and we will, for the sake of ourselves and future generations.”

The action plan is designed to achieve both decarbonization and decolonization, which will be presented on November 8th at the conference.

The delegation nations, Haisla, Nisga’a, and Halfway River, are asking both the federal and provincial governments to adopt their Climate Action Plan proposals to tackle climate change nationally and globally.

The FNCI has three areas of its action plan to focus on at the conference.

The first is a transition to net zero with equity for first nations.

“For decades, Halfway River has seen oil and gas development degrade our lands without our consent. And when our sacred lands are destroyed, our way of life becomes harder,” said Hunter.

Next is an energy transition that lowers global GHG emissions and provides economic reconciliation.

Lastly, the FNCI would like to present nature-based solutions as globally significant opportunities.

“Nature-based solutions will help to protect and restore the ecosystems First Nations have always depended upon, giving us more opportunity for traditional activities and providing new economic opportunities. The health of our lands and our prosperity go hand in hand,” added Hunter.

Last week, the FNCI Nations signed a climate, economic, and reconciliation Memorandum of Understanding.

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