This holiday season, all of our Supporters are entered to win an $800 Shopping Spree Giveaway!

Brad’s Furniture and Appliances’ HIT THE MARK is back from October 17 – November 10th 2022. Listen weekdays from 6 am to 6 pm for your chance to win COLD HARD CASH!

All you have to do is guess a number from one to 100.  If you get it right you win the money!  If not, we’ll add another $10 to the pot. Track the numbers that have already been guessed below. We will update this list after every guess!

To play listen to 100.1 Moose FM in Fort St. John and when you hear the cue to call-


Then guess your number. That’s all it takes to win.

Remember if you have won a prize from Moose FM in the last 30 days, you cannot win again in this contest or any other contest we play.

Brad’s Furniture and Appliances’ Hit the Mark is powered by Grimes Well Servicing Ltd., Micro Consulting, Carters Jewelers, Rhythm Auction, Chances FSJ.

Keep track of the current jackpot & all numbers guessed so far!

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This holiday season, we want to give back to the people who have supported us this year!

We have partnered with local businesses to create an $800 Shopping Spree Giveaway! One of our Supporters will win the giveaway on December 2 and anyone who becomes one by December 1 will be entered to win as well.

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